09|14|2022 georgia Georgia, a paradise for urban explorers. Even if I was not able to visit Abkhazia with its masses of abandoned buildings (entry is currently only possible from Russia), Georgia offers an incredible number of great and easily accessible places in all regions of the country.

12|23|2021 Germany the corona pandemic doesn't make traveling any easier. if the neighborhood is poor of abandoned buildings, the stopgap solution can only be to explore the less interesting places that have always been on the list, but just not exciting enough.
now here is haus osterberg!

09|14|2020 Switzerland excepting "blockwart"-mentality as in some places of southern germany (i know, living without prejudices isn'tn easy...), i was surprised to find friendly and interested people in switzerland while exploring abandoned places. got lots of information about the corresponding places from locals. thanks a lot!

06|22|2019 Bulgaria exploring abandoned places in bulgaria must have been easier a few years ago. most places are guarded and alarmed these days. but why employ a guard observing a disused building? because it's cheap. really cheap. fortunately some places just have dogs for guarding, but they rather play around than attack trespassers.

03|28|2016 Chile chile is a great country, but unfortunately not for urban exploration. most of the interesting dilapidated buildings have been reconstructed or converted into historical tourist attractions. others, especially those located in the bigger cities, are protected with high walls and the wasteful use of barbed wire on top of it.

02|22|2015 Denmark only a few buildings remain at sommerland syd, which was one of the very few abandoned man-made sites in denmark. now the place is full of trucks and excavators for decommision...

01|02|2014 Germany visited an abandoned chocolate factory today, not knowing that there was still more to explore in my former neighbourhood between hamburg and flensburg. the building is going to be demolished the next weeks. thanks to joachim, who told me about this place! the video will be uploaded the next days.

12|01|2013 Spain Gibraltar postproduction of material from spain and gibraltar in progress. clips will be published in december and will be containing an abandoned casino in gibraltar, the ruins of the sugarmill of nerja, a beautiful deserted hacienda with an integrated church near malaga and the huge ruins of the cementera de atarfe.

11|05|2013 Spain unfortunately the abandoned observatory in the centre of the sierra nevada in southern spain is currently being reconverted. though the building is not that spectacular, it is placed in great mountain scenery. at least they didn't tear it down...

03|23|2011 navik with arne nymous on german tv. this urbex documentation was broadcasted on ndr in march 2011. watch it here.

12|30|2010 navik on french/german tv with berlin explorers spreeufer. a documentation about urban exploration, broadcasted on arte|tracks in december 2010. the clip can be seen here.